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Reliving Kurdish Life Under Saddam Hussein – Bekas Movie Review

Do you recall the time, when Saddam Hussein ran the nation? Do you remember the damper this placed on the residents of the area? If you do not recall any of these things, you should definitely take the time to watch the brand new movie, Bekas. Karzan Kader directs the film, which stars Sarwar Fazil and Zamand Taha. The film follows the lives of Dana and Zana. These two orphaned-siblings are incredibly poor and reside in a Kurdish town within Iraq. The time period is around the 1990s, when Saddam ruled the nation.

Bekas Movie Review
Bekas movie review

One day, the two boys manage to sneak into a local theater, where they catch a glimpse of the new Superman film. The film inspires the boys to learn more about America and eventually travel there. Despite knowing very little about America, the older brother, Dana, pretends he does, as he described America as a huge city. The boys, who have very little money and no knowhow of traveling, remain loyal to their original goal of traveling to America. Along the day, they encounter all kinds of crazy sights, including a donkey, with the name Michael Jackson. They also run into an attractive girl, who nearly derails their efforts.

As the film drags on, the obstacles they encounter are far more dangerous. For instance, they eventually run into smugglers and Iraqi soldiers. All in all, Bekas is a great film, which explores a difficult angle to the rule of Saddam Hussein. The movie offers a little bit of comedy, tons of drama and has an immense heart. It is well worth checking out and you should do so as soon as possible!

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